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Porcelain Sinks

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  • Ming Dynasty Decorative Porcelain Sink
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_PS01
    Width: 16"

    Item Code: #EB-PS01

    Eden Bath designer porcelain vessel sinks are crafted from the finest materials with the utmost care being taken in the manufacturing process to ensure quality.

    Eden Bath is a manufacturer and importer of contemporary vessel sinks and faucets that are inspired by nature. We have always had a passion for bringing earthly elements into the home and our beautiful collections of bathroom vessel sinks and faucets reflect that passion. Our focus on unique bathroom products allows us to offer one of the largest collections of vessel sinks and faucets from any premium decorative plumbing manufacturer.
  • Square Shaped White Phoenix Stone Vessel Sink and Dior...
    By: Vigo
    Model# VGT436

    Item Code: #LWV13B709EB-D

    The Vigo Square Shaped White Phoenix Stone Glass Vessel Sink and Dior Faucet Set in Antique Rubbed Bronze Finish creates the perfect combination of classy and sassy for your new bathroom. The VG07040 Square Shaped White Phoenix Stone vessel bowl with sleek flat edge is flawless and combines the durability and natural aesthetics of granite, marble, ceramic and glass. Phoenix Stone is a revolutionary new blend of crystallized glass and stone resulting in a highly durable complex material.
  • Dianthus Matte Stone Vessel Sink and Otis Vessel Faucet...
    By: Vigo
    Model# VGT1003

    Item Code: #LWV2211D989-D

    Add some contrast to your bathroom with this black and white combo - the Vigo Otis Vessel Faucet in Matte Black and the smooth, white Vigo Bavaro Sink. The sleek and simple lines of both work beautifully together to add the touch of modern sophistication that will finish off your bathroom’s new look. This stylish set will be a perfect addition to your bathroom.
  • Dianthus Matte Stone Vessel Sink
    By: Vigo
    Model# VG04001

    Item Code: #LWV32010A8E-4

    Modern yet timeless, the Vigo Bavaro Matte Stone Vessel Sink brings a gorgeous sense of style to every bathroom it adorns. The simple square design draws you in visually, but it's the smooth, satiny feel that'll make you fall in love. The square VG04001 Bavaro Matte Stone Vessel Sink has a luxuriously smooth, matte white surface.

  • Evergreen Ribbed Porcelain Sink
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_PS02
    Width: 15"

    Item Code: #LWV327C2601-4

    This designer porcelain sink is crafted from the finest material and with the utmost care. It sports a unique ribbed look giving the sink individual character not found in others which is complimented with its rich evergreen color. This sink does not need a Mounting Ring due to its shape.
  • Marigold Matte Stone Vessel Sink and Titus Dual Lever...
    By: Vigo
    Model# VGT1015

    Item Code: #LWV50A6D6DC-E

    This Vigo Titus Wall Mount Faucet in Chrome and smooth, white Sirena Vessel Sink bring a modern style to any bathroom. A gorgeous combination of form and function, the faucet features an eco-friendly WaterSense certification and the smooth-as-a-pebble sink has an anti-bacterial surface that’s a breeze to keep clean. You’ll love the breath of fresh air that this duo brings to your home.
  • Amaryllis Matte Stone Vessel Sink
    By: Vigo
    Model# VG04005

    Item Code: #LWV581529FD-9

    Fresh and clean is exactly how the Vigo Caladesi Matte Stone Vessel Sink from the Paraiso Collection, will make your bathroom feel. The curved interior edges plunge into the center basin like a wave on a fine white sand beach. The soft touch will make it difficult to keep your hands off.
  • Amaryllis Matte Stone Vessel Sink and Blackstonian...
    By: Vigo
    Model# VGT1025

    Item Code: #LWV7B01FF97-B

    This beautifully paired set includes Vigo’s Blackstonian Vessel Faucet in Brushed Nickel and Caladesi Vessel Sink. If you’re looking for a dramatic focal point for your bathroom, this duo will not disappoint. It will even speak to your eco-friendly side by incorporating a WaterSense certified faucet.
  • Petunia Matte Stone Vessel Sink and Olus Single Lever...
    By: Vigo
    Model# VGT1009

    Item Code: #LWV8B2A9CBF-D

    Bring a modern, upscale look to your bathroom with the Vigo WaterSense certified Olus Wall Mount Faucet in Antique Rubbed Bronze and the smooth, white Navagio Vessel Sink. Both are bold and beautiful on their own, but when paired together, the look is nothing short of classic. You can’t go wrong with something this gorgeous.

Porcelain Sinks

Porcelain sinks are considered one of the most versatile choices every homeowner can have for their bathroom. They are considered vintage materials that look very authentic for traditional bathroom styles yet very elegant for the modern home.

This type of sinks has also come a long way when we talk about design options. The plain and simple porcelain sinks in the past have been updated to meet the needs of the more contemporary bathroom spaces. They come in different styles, shapes and sizes that give homeowners a choice. Consider the most common factors when making a purchase and you will be able to have the perfect porcelain sink for your vanity.

Benefits of Porcelain Sinks

  • Endless choices for different vanity styles
  • Perfect for both traditional and modern bathrooms
  • Very durable options
  • Complement various faucet styles

Buy Porcelain Sinks from Discount Bathroom Vanities Today!

Since 2005, Discount Bathroom Vanities has been known for offering different bathroom vanities and fixtures online at very affordable prices. Our loyal customers include individual homeowners and home renovation contractors who come to us for our high quality products.

When it comes to porcelain sinks, customers can be sure they have a wide array of options coming from different brands. We update our product listing under this category to give customers the opportunity to select a sink that is most ideal for their bathroom needs.

Additionally, your purchase from Discount Bathroom Vanities come with a 100% money-back guarantee for up to 60 days. This means no less than total satisfaction with your purchase of a porcelain sink from us. Enjoy all these perks by shopping with us now!

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