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  • Arched Edges Dark Emperador Bowl Sink
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_S027DE-P
    Width: 16"

    Item Code: #S027DE-P

    The arched edges bowl sink is a perfect balance between the ultra chic Zen sinks offered by Eden Bath and a simple bowl shaped sink. This particular stone sink features a polished finish, which gives it a shiny and wet look. The arched edges bowl sink still provides a modern serene look with its clean lines and rising arches, while offering enough depth to be completely practical for a bathroom or powder room that is often used.
  • Natural Stone Sink - Petrified Wood
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_S028PW-P

    Item Code: #S028PW-P

    You simply cannot get more natural than a stone sink made of petrified wood. Although it’s called petrified wood, and it actually was at one point in time natural wood, it is now stone. Over thousands of years the process of fossilization has replaced all the organic materials in the wood with minerals, keeping the structure of the wood but effectively turning it into stone.

    Petrified wood sinks are likely the most unique product in our line because no two are even close to alike. The color, shape and size vary for every piece, and can range from 19" to 32" in length (side to side). Additionally, as the sinks are carved from a “trunk" of petrified wood, the height can also vary. The height of the petrified wood stone sinks can vary from 5" to 8" high. If you would like a larger sink (great than 20" wide) please specify this immediately after ordering.

    The color of the sinks can also vary; this is partly due to the original wood and what minerals the wood was surrounded by. However, they will all have a natural wood tone, from very light, all the way to dark.

    If your project requires more than one sink please note that it will not be possible to find two sinks that will match or even be relatively similar.

    Overall, the petrified wood sinks are extremely special and will be phenomenal conversation pieces, mostly because of the history and uniqueness behind them.

    This sink is compatible with the EB_D002 and EB_D003 drains, the EB_D001 is not compatible with this sink.
  • Walnut Shell Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink
    By: Vigo
    Model# VG07038
    Width: 16"

    Item Code: #VG07038

    The Vigo Walnut Shell Above the Counter Tempered Glass Vessel Sink in Browns brings an earthy, balanced light into your home. Fashioned from hand-painted tempered glass, each bowl has its own unique, slight color variations, while retaining Vigo's elegance and functionality. Handmade with possible unique and slight color variations, so no 2 sinks are identical.
  • Copper Canoe Shaped Vessel Sink - Antique Dark Copper
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_C006AD
    Width: 12"

    Item Code: #C006AD

    The C006 copper sink from Eden Bath features a unique boat shaped design that gives it a contemporary Zen like profile with the sides arched and a low middle connected in a graceful and continuous curve.
  • The Vitreous China Wall Sink
    By: Latoscana
    Model# L790
    Width: 27"

    Item Code: #L790

    The Wall sink is an exquisite complement to a room. Features include a single faucet hole.
  • Green Leaf Shaped Painted Vessel Sink
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_GS18
    Width: 24"

    Item Code: #EB-GS18

    This green leaf shaped vessel sink from Eden Bath is made of high quality tempered glass.
  • Stone Canoe Sink - Honed Black Basalt
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_S005BA-H
    Width: 18"

    Item Code: #LWV0020064F-F

    Inspiration creates unique pieces of art like the new Stone Canoe sinks from Eden Bath. The design for the EB_S005 sink was inspired by you guessed it a vintage canoe. Made from imported honed black basalt (volcanic rock) the unique sloping lines and boat shape of the sink give it an aesthetic that works well in contemporary spaces as well as bathrooms where nature is the focus. This stone sink looks different and just as attractive from any angle due to the gradual slope of the top rim.
  • White Travertine Large Zen Sink
    By: Eden Bath
    Model# EB_S014WT-P
    Width: 21"

    Item Code: #LWV01DBFE88-F

    When does tranquility and strength work together in harmony? Only with the Eden Bath white travertine zen stone vessel sink. This version of our popular Zen sink is polished on the interior and chiseled on the exterior. The rough exterior of this stone sink provides a rustic rough and natural look while the polished interior provides a functional and beautiful stone sink surface. The free flowing lines of this sink will provide your bathroom with a zen like feeling you can usually only find at your favorite spa.
  • Damon Vessel Sink in Hunan White
    By: Virtu USA
    Model# VST-2009-BAS
    Width: 16"

    Item Code: #LWV1D1E0187-8

    Before placing an order for this Vessel Sink please contact us for availability.

    Providing classic warmth, the Damon Marble vessel basin establishes a sleek, complementary centerpiece to your bathroom vanity. It is transitionally designed to be mounted over the countertop for an elegant and classic appearance. The construction of this natural stone vessel adds enduring strength while maintaining pure elegance that works with many interior styles. Virtu USA uses the finest selection of raw materials to ensure the highest quality product. With a durable glaze to ensure lasting beauty, the Damon basin makes a sophisticated and practical addition to any bathroom improvement.

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