Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of vanities do you sell?

We sell a variety of different types of vanities, contemporary, traditional, Victorian and many unique vanities that you might not find in other places.

2. How can I tell the quality of the vanities?

All of our vanities come from reputable vendors which we have worked with for years. The wood vanities are made from hardwoods or rubberwood and are treated to withstand moisture. If you are not happy with your vanity, you can follow our return procedures.

3. Do you stand by your vanities?

Yes, any vanity that we sell we stand behind. You can return a vanity if there are any problems with it.

4. How do I narrow down my vanity search?

In the left hand corner of the vanity page there are ways to narrow your search. You can search by vendor, size, type and style.

5. What if a vanity is delivered damaged?

Please refer to our return procedures on our website. You should check the vanity before the shipper leaves to make sure there is no damage.

6. Can I buy a mirror from another vanity?

If you find a mirror from another vanity, contact our customer service representatives to check to see if it can be ordered as a standalone product.

7. Is the warranty information delivered from the manufacturer with the vanity?

We stand behind all of our products. Nerino products have a one year warranty. Each company has its own warranty policy.

8. What is rubberwood?

Rubberwood is taken from Hevea brasiliensis, also called a Para rubber tree. These trees are cultivated for their natural latex sap because they yield a high quality wood with a tight grain. Rubberwood is ecologically sustainable timber, making it a "green" product.

9. What is a veneer?

Veneer is a thin surface layer of finely grained wood applied to a base wood surface.

10. Are the colors in the picture what I can expect the vanity and countertop to look like?

The colors that you see on your computer should be very close to what your vanity will look like. Oak, maple, walnut and espresso are some of the wood colors that vanities come in.

11. What does it mean that the vanity is sealed?

Vanities are sealed with several coats of finish so that they do not warp from the humidity found in a bathroom.

12. What is a pop-up drain?

Pop-up drains are drains that you push down with your hand so that you can close the drain and when you push again the drain pops up to let the water out.

13. Can you customize any of your vanities?

Many vanities come with choices such as a variety of sizes, countertops and some have more than one finish. Some vanities come with faucet choices. Some vanities do not come with a countertop. Those can be purchased and you can customize them with any countertop.

14. What if I have a problem with my vanity after the warranty period?

If you have a problem with your vanity after the warranty period, your best recourse will be to contact the manufacturer directly to see if they can help you resolve your problem. We can give you contact information to help you if needed.

15. Do you have touch-up sticks in case the vanity has a scratch?

Most hardware stores have a variety of scratch cover-up products. You might also be able to get touch-up products from the vanity manufacturer.

16. What is an overflow?

The overflow is the small hole in the sink that allows water to flow into it to keep a sink from overflowing.

17. Can I order any vanity without the countertop?

Some vanities can be ordered without a countertop. Check the description of the vanity that you are interested in to see if that is an option.

18. Are glass countertops tempered glass?

Yes, any glass countertops are made of tempered glass.

19. Do all vanities come with a faucet, mirror and sink included?

While in the picture all vanities have faucets and mirrors and all accessories shown, the vanity does not necessary come as a set with everything included. Every product page will have a list of items that are included at the price. Make sure you read the description carefully.

20. What is the best way to keep my new bathroom vanity clean?

Cleaning your vanity will depend on the type of vanity you purchase and the material it is made out of. Most glass and acrylic bathroom vanities should be cleaned with a regular glass cleaner. Stone, stainless steel, cast iron, and many others will have to be cleaned with a cleaner made specifically for those materials. Make sure you avoid using harsh chemicals on natural materials, as that can damage your vanity, in some cases permanently.

21. What are the reasons for price differences between vanities?

The biggest reason for differences in price would be the material that the vanity is made from. Vanities made from natural materials such as glass, stone or wood will be heavier and thus cost more.

22. Should I purchase a single vanity or a double bathroom vanity?

A double bathroom vanity would be a great option for couples or families who get ready at the same time. Keep in mind that a bathroom vanity also provides storage space as well as counter space, so if you have the room in your bathroom for a double bathroom, then purchasing a double bathroom vanity would be a good idea.

23. What is the difference between a vessel sink and a pedestal sink?

A vessel sink is a sink that is shaped like a bowl (many options on the size and material) and sits on top of a pedestal or a bathroom vanity. A vessel sink can be easily removed and moved to a different bathroom or replaced with a different sink. A pedestal sink, however, is a set on its own, it comes attached to a base and cannot be removed, and it's a one piece item.

24. What is the best way to install a vessel sink?

Installation of the sink will depend on the size and style of the sink. It will also depend on whether you are planning on having the sink sit on top of the vanity or have it be recessed into it. Both installation methods will require a proper adhesive; however installing the sink on top of the countertop is much easier. Once the sink is secured onto the countertop, simply insert the drain through the drain openings.

25. Which measurements do I need for vanity cabinets?

You will need to have the width of the item (side to side), the depth (how far it will stick out) and the desired height of the item. Keep in mind that you will need a little extra space for moldings, and room for cabinet doors to open.

1. Will my countertop look like the picture on your site?

Your countertop should look very much like the picture on the website. Unfortunately, some computers do not show colors exactly the same way, but it should be very close to the actual product.

2. Do I have any other choices of countertops?

Some vanities come with countertop choices and some only come with the one countertop. There are some vanities that you can order without a countertop.

3. What is cultured marble or stone?

Cultured marble or stone are manufactured products that are a blend of polyester resin, fillers (such as ground natural stone) and pigment to achieve the desired color. The mix is poured into a mold that is coated with a clear gel coat. Cultured marble/stone has all of the beauty of natural stone but in many cases is more resistant to staining, chipping, scratching etc.

4. Do I have to maintain the countertop or is it sealed?

Most vendors seal the countertops. To check to see if your countertop is sealed, you can place a few drops of water on the countertop and let it sit for about one half an hour. Wipe it off and if you can see where the water was, because the stone is darker, then you should probably seal your countertop.

5. What is Travertine?

Travertine is a type of limestone formed by minerals dissolving in ground water and then deposited on the earth's surface by rivers, natural springs or geysers. It is sometimes known as travertine marble or travertine limestone.

6. Is it normal to have holes and ridges in my countertop?

All natural stone countertops may have ridges and holes. Generally this is an indication that it is a higher quality stone. These imperfections do not impact the quality or durability of your countertop.

7. How do you remove stains from a countertop?

You can generally clean any oily spills with a professional oil and stain remover that is available in most stores. You can remove most stains on your granite top by mixing flour and dishwashing liquid together, pouring it over the stain and covering it with plastic wrap. Leave overnight and then scrape away the mixture with a wooden utensil and rinse.

1. If a faucet does not come with the vanity how do I know what type to choose?

If a faucet does not come with the vanity that you have chosen, you can choose a faucet from the ones that we sell or you can use a faucet of your choice. Just make sure that it is one that follows the specifications indicated.

2. The faucet pipes can be seen through the clear glass countertop. Is there anything that I can do about it?

On some vanities, the pipes are covered with a chrome cover. Please contact us to see if that is an option with the vanity that you have ordered. For clear glass countertops, it is best to install the faucet with flexible pipes coming out directly from the faucet. In this case, the faucet becomes part of the vanity design.

3. How do I decide the faucet height that I need?

When choosing your vanity, please read through the specifications that are listed for your vanity. It will indicate the type of faucet that you need. A standard faucet will work with any undermount sink, but if you are purchasing a vessel sink, make sure that you choose a faucet that is made for that type of sink. You have to make sure that the faucet that you choose for a vessel sink is not too tall, because it will cause the water to splash.

4. What finishes do faucets come in?

Each faucet will list the finishes that the faucet comes in. Some come in only one finish; others come in a variety of different finishes.

5. What is the size of the hole spacing I would need for the faucet?

Each vanity that does not come with a faucet will require one. The size of the hole spacing will be listed on every product page. The spacing will tell you how many holes the vanity has to install the faucet, as well as how far apart those holes are.

1. Do the shower doors spot?

The shower doors should not spot, but it is a good idea to clean them off after every use to avoid any soap buildup.

2. Can I install a shower panel with my existing plumbing?

You should be able to use your existing plumbing for your shower panel, however, if your water pressure is not very strong, you might want to install a pressure valve or consult a plumber before purchasing and installing a shower panel in your bathroom.

3. Does the shower panel work if my water pressure is low?

You might need a pressure valve. If that does not resolve the problem, you should contact a plumber.

4. What voltage does the steam shower use?

Steam showers come in 110 and 220 voltage. Please consult an electrician of you are not sure if you have enough voltage in your home.

5. Do I need extra plumbing or electrical work for a steam shower?

If you are not handy with plumbing and electrical work, it is best to use a trained professional who will make sure that your steam shower is installed properly.

6. Do you just put a steam shower in a room as a standalone unit or does it have to be placed against a wall?

Steam showers are generally standalone units. You have to decide where to place it in your room.

7. Are your shower doors made of tempered glass?

The doors are made of tempered glass.

1. Is this toilet European or American design?

All the toilets we sell are American design toilets.

2. Can I purchase an extra toilet seat when I purchase the toilet?

Yes, you can order a toilet seat or any other parts for your toilet as a special order from the factory. Contact us for more information.

3. Do you have any toilets that sit higher?

All of the toilets that we sell are displayed on our site.

1. Do you recommend a plumber or can I install these items myself?

If you are not handy and sure of what you are doing, you should consult a plumbing professional.

2. Is it difficult to install a bathroom vanity?

All our vanity cabinets come fully assembled, so at most you would have to do is install the sink, countertop and faucet. Make sure that all the dimensions are exact prior to purchasing the vanity. Make sure that the vanity will fit through all the door openings on the way to its final location. Hiring a professional plumber would be a good idea if any of the plumbing has to be changes/installed.

3. Do all of your products meet US standards?

Yes, all of our products meet US standards.

4. If I do not like the countertop that your vanity has, can I order if without the countertop?

Some vanities come without countertops and some come with an option of not ordering a countertop. If you want to choose your own countertop, you should look at the vanities that have that option.

5. Can I replace the countertop on a vanity that I have purchased?

You can replace a countertop with a new one by using a professional who installs countertops.

6. If I am unhappy with the vanity, can it be returned?

If your vanity is damaged when it arrives, please contact us immediately. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please follow the return procedures if you want to return your vanity.

7. If the vanity comes damaged, what should I do?

Note the damage on the drivers receipt and contact us immediately.

8. If the vanity does not fit, can I cut the edges to make it fit?

You might damage your vanity by trying to take edges off. If you attempt this, it is advisable to hire a professional who will file down the edges and then polish and seal them. It is possible to damage your countertop when doing this so please measure carefully before ordering any vanity.

9. Do all of the hoses come with your products so that they can be installed?

All necessary plumbing comes with your vanity. A plumber should have no trouble installing your purchase.

10. Can all walls hold a wall-mounted vanity?

You must make sure that you have studs in your walls that will hold a vanity. Check to see where the studs are before placing your order.

11. Will the floor hold the weight of my new vanity?

Your floor should hold the weight of your vanity, but if you have any doubts, you might want to check with a contractor before placing your order.

12. If I purchase a wall-mounted vanity, can I make it free standing?

Wall mounted vanities do not come with legs, but if you find some that will fit, then you can adapt your vanity.

13. I am having trouble installing my pop-up drain. What should I do?

If you are having trouble installing your pop-up drain, follow the directions in the following link: How to install a pop-up drain.

14. How do I know if I need plumbing work to install my new shower panel or steam shower?

If you are unsure if you need plumbing work for a new panel or steam shower, it is best to consult a plumber before you make your purchase.

15. How do you install a toilet?

If you are not sure of how to install a toilet correctly, it is best to use a plumber.

1. Do you have a showroom?

We are in a process of relocating our showroom. A new showroom will be open in a few months. You can send us e-mail for more information.

2. I live far away, is there anywhere that I can go to see your products?

We do not have any other locations other than in Cranbury, NJ.

3. Can I pick up my purchase at your warehouse?

If you live near our warehouse, you can arrange with our customer service representatives to pick up your purchase.

4. Do you charge sales tax?

We do not charge sales tax unless the item that you ordered is being shipped to NJ, where our warehouse is located.

5. If I find a product elsewhere at a lower price, do you meet or beat that price?

Please refer to our pricing policy. We generally will meet or beat competitors' prices.

6. How long have you been in business?

We have been in business since 2005.

7. Do you store my credit information?

Once we process your order, we destroy all credit information. We do not believe in storing customer information. This is for your protection.

8. When my order is delivered, will it be brought inside my home?

All our products are shipped with free curbside delivery, your item will be brought to your driveway or curbside and unloaded from the truck. Please call us for other delivery options.
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