Dual Flush Toilets

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that by the year 2013 thirty-six states will experience water shortage problems. This is due to the increasing water usage in households and poor water management. Americans use 30% of their water by flushing their toilet, that’s about 4.8 billion gallons of water used every day to flush waste in America. That number can be cut in half by installing dual flush toilets.

Inefficient toilet fixtures use about 3.72 gallons per flush (gpf), where as dual flush and some newer model single flush toilets use 1.1 gpf.

Dual flush toilets give the user choice as to how much water they would like to use to flush down waste. For liquid waste its generally 0.8gpf and solid waste 1.6gpf. There are two buttons on the toilet; one for solid waste one for liquid, user’s choice will determine how much water to use in a flush.

Dual flush toilets generally run about $100-$200 more than a single flush toilet. Switching to a dual flush toilet will allow us to conserve enough water to make sure that America will not face a water shortage in the near future. Small price to pay.
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    The other advantage of dual rinse toilets is their innovative design and appearance. Because they are considered a new product, companies are scrambling to make them as comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and user friendly.

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