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Decorating the Guest Bathroom

The guest bathroom is more important than you might think.  While the bedroom that your guests stay in should be warm and inviting, the guest bath is often neglected.  However, it doesn’t take a lot of time or a lot of money to create peaceful bath for your visiting friends – but it does take knowing about modern bathroom designs as well as bathroom vanities.


What you need to know about design


When you’re talking about modern bathroom designs, you will want to direct your attention to the idea of simplicity.  And this is practical too.  With a simple bathroom design, you will be able to create a timeless look that can be easily updated.  Choose simple lines for your bathroom vanities as well as neutral bathroom faucets as well as mirror. The general idea is to create something that can be easily updated with towels or a new shower curtain instead of a complete remodel.


What you need to know about vanities


Bathroom vanities are a great way to welcome your guests without saying a world.  In many modern bathroom designs, these vanities are able to hold a number of items underneath the main sink.  What you can do is store any possible item that your guests might need, due to having forgotten them or misplaced them.  No guest wants to have to ask their host for shampoo or soap, so make sure that it’s already available to them.  You may want to keep a basket underneath the vanity that you will pull out when it is needed for a new guest, but then replace it underneath the sink when the guest has left.


Other things to keep for your guests


Guests will also need fresh towels in their bathroom as well as a clear idea of where to put them once they are dirty.  Many modern bathroom designs for guest baths will include a hamper so that this is easy to do as well as easy for the host to monitor.  Once the hamper is full, new towels can be placed in the bathroom when the guest is away.


You may also want to keep a small token of appreciation for your guest in the bathroom as well.  Bathroom vanities that have a small gift basket for the guest to take home – filled with bath and shower goodies – is always a nice way to welcome someone as well as send them on their way.  In addition, man modern bathroom designs can also include candles that can be taken home as a memento as well.


The guest bathroom is truly a reflection of the care and respect that you have for your guests.  By looking at modern bathroom designs and leaving a little something extra on bathroom vanities, you can make sure that none of your guests ever feels out of place; not one of your guests will ever doubt that you care about their comfort.


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Author: Timothy Labas

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