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There comes a point in our lives when we have to share our homes with others; whether it’s friends coming from far away to crash for the night while they are in town, relatives in for a family reunion, or someone you don’t know all that well, but have to welcome them into your home because it’s the nice thing to do. No matter who your guests are, you have to create a comfortable environment for their stay and this includes the bathroom! Continue reading


Your child’s bathroom design is going to be nothing like your own bathroom design needs. Smaller proportioned bodies make using modern styled bathroom equipment and accessories a tough job for your little tikes. Continue reading



What was once a great bathroom with more than enough space for you, has become a cramped, overstuffed, unorganized nightmare. That’s right, now you have to share that sanctuary with your significant other. It seems like there is no hope, you are doomed to wait in line to get your hair done or even to get your toothbrush before you are late for work in the morning. Don’t you worry! We are here to help! Use these tips to reclaim your bathroom space, without leaving your significant other on the curb! Continue reading


A clutter-free bathroom creates a feeling of space. A bathroom needs clever, frugal storage solutions to house all the small, assorted items that are so typical of a shower room. You can be creative in creating functional and stylish stowaways in order to design a completely clean and uncluttered space.

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Do you love nature? Are you impressed with the beauty and serenity of natural elements? So why not bring nature into your bathroom and turn your space into an ultimate relaxing retreat? Bathroom, being a smaller space than other rooms in the house, creates a feeling of calm, which is necessary for an escape from routine hectic schedule. The key is to install elements that befit your natural bathroom design theme, such as custom mirrors, shower doors designed to suit natural theme. Continue reading


Spring has arrived, and it is time to bring your bath up-to-date with the popular decor trends this season. Give your bath a livelier look and bring in the spring mood with bright accessories, vivid colors, and cool fabrics and textures. A spring inspired bath, with a light and airy motif, is all that you need to create a more welcoming atmosphere for your family to enjoy. Continue reading


Having a well-furnished and pristinely decorated bathroom adds value to a space. The home value will not only increase with a greatly styled bathroom, but the overall aesthetic of the house as well. There are several ideas and decorating tips that are available for those seeking to redesign or update a bathroom. From the right colors to choose to creative decorating tips, you can make your bathroom look great and express your style all at the same time. Continue reading



Glass is a natural addition to any bathroom design. After all, a vanity mirror, glass doors and windows are all glass features that most bathrooms sport already. So why not decorate with glass in the bathroom? Use these tips and tricks for decorating with glass in the bathroom and design your space with ease by using these reflective wonders.

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When you are redecorating your bathroom, the first thing that comes to mind is color. Should you stay neutral, go bold, or mix and match colors? What about black and white? Some people shy away from such drastic combination because they are afraid it will look cold, lifeless. Or is it classy and timeless? I go with the second option.

Take a look at some amazing bathroom designs in black and white, some mostly black with a little bit of white, others mostly white with a little bit of black, and some with a splash of color mixed in. I would never call these boring, cold or lifeless.
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Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re recreating an existing bathroom area, a “his and her” bathroom is a great way to take advantage of a shared bathroom space. But a “his and her” bathroom design is so much more than just a pair of monogramed towels. Use these design features, tips and ideas for a “his and her” shared bathroom and get a space you and your significant other are sure to love.


One of the biggest concerns with a shared bathroom space is the vanity. A well designed vanity is a shared bathroom is a must. A great solution to vanity storage in a “his or her” bathroom space is to use a dividing wall against the edge of the vanity. It provides a separating wall for the toilet and shower space while offering plenty of built-in shelving storage. If vanity counter space is at a premium, then you may want to consider adding a double sink or a larger basin for additional space for all of your shared daily bathroom activities.

Curbless Entry

Nothing creates more space in a shared space than clear and open views. With the addition of glass doors to a bath/shower enclosure, you not only help to create the illusion of a larger space, but you also help to keep the room defined in a subtle way. By adding a curbless entry into the shower with the addition of glass doors, the look flows and moves rather than ends at the shower curb.
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